Monday, April 18, 2005

The (yawn) General (yawn) Election (ZZZzzzz)

It's time again for the good minions of this fair and emerald isle to go to the polls again and exercise our Cromwell given right to vote, goddamit. The political wags are out in force again, defacing (Tory) election posters (quite right too) and making up their own, my current favourite being the one pictured below. Of course, there are a lot of wet liberals such as myself who despite growing unease at Tony Blair's administration will still vote for the smarmy fucker. Any wet liberal who says they won't is lying and they know it. After all, are you going to let the somewhat sinister Michael Howard in by the back door? Course not - now go and vote, sound in the knowledge that Tony may be bad, but look at the alternative...
Billboard 2