Monday, April 04, 2005

Duel In The Desert

Another thriller this weekend gone as F1 headed to Bahrain for the 3rd race of the season. Alonso raced a beauty as he kept Schumacher behind him from the start, the latter eventually retiring with a box full of neutrals (how sorry are we?!), giving a well deserved 2nd spot to Trulli (Toyota in amazing form so far). Unfortunately, Button and Sato retired leaving BAR with no points again - Button increasingly seeing his championship challenge scamper off into the distance with Renault and Toyota. The race for me was made by De La Rosa (see picture below) who hasn't seen any action since the days of Arrows F1 and a brief spot at Jaguar. What a revelation - his duel with Webber probably the highlight of the season so far and to my mind looked a lot classier than Montoya. It would be interesting to see what opportunities he'll be given while Montoya recovers from his 'tennis' accident. As for Ferrari, well who cares; it's about time they had to struggle for a change - then we'll see what Schumacher is really made of.
De La Rosa