Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Oh Lordy...

I see Dramaqueen has been leaving comments again and they appear to be getting more and more eloquent which leads me to believe that she isn't actually a 13 year old girl and may just be an adult posing as one. Perhaps I'm being groomed....?

F1 Grand Prix Season Starts

Having just enjoyed a weekend of F1 action (from Melbourne) I have to say how pleased I was that the weather went against Schumacher in qualifying and how well he subsequently stuffed it up when he tangled with Heidfield in the second BMW Williams. I daresay his spell in the boondocks won't last, but at least the season didn't start with him sprinting off into the distance. Fisichella got a well deserved win for Renault, but the revelation for me was Coulthard in the newly formed Red Bull team (see picture below). Some may argue 4th position was a fluke, but in actuality Coulthard in kept in touch with the head of the pack, narrowly missing a podium finish so the car must have a decent pace. I can only hope we have a much more open season this year with the new regulations and a few more surprises.
Coulthard gets 4th!