Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Liberal Flame War! Stand Back And Be Mildly Disconcerted!

My fellow liberal chum Glenn has posted a comment on my last entry that goes: "Aha! Just the kind of wishy-washy liberal flanel we expect from a Y-frontoutsidethetrousers david steele apologist like you. Why not publish the comments so we can decide for ourselves." Well, I've published yours, so stick that in your renewable resource pine forested pipe, fill it with Fairtrade tobacco and don't smoke it for fear of inflicting the horrors of passive smoking on your children! Who's the liberal daddy now?

For the rant I received from Dramaqueensdebut, I refer you to the comments attached to my posting entitled 'I've Been Blogjacked' - the kid is evil, I'm sure.

Sunday, February 27, 2005

In The Doghouse

I was recently chastised by Dramaqueensdebut again, who you may remember from an earlier posting, for my pop at her regarding her spelling and grammar. I must admit I was troubled by my own behaviour - maybe I am out of touch with the 'yoof' of today - she's read The Da Vinci Code which must mean she's "a supurb (sic) reader". Besides which, given the absolute paranoia stalking the dear old US of A these days, perhaps my behaviour could be interpreted as terrorism and God knows I wouldn't wish to end up at Stalagluft Guatanamo Bay with Kamp Komandant Rumsfeld and Oberarbeitkommandant Bush (dodgy German spelling aside).

My innocent birthday celebrations at the local dog racing track also incurred the wrath of another concerned reader. I must plead a degree of naivety with regard to dog racing - I thought greyhounds were lovingly treated and cossetted by their owners, after all the dogs earn money for them. Perhaps this is a rosy view of what goes on and if anyone has evidence to the contrary I'm prepared to listen. I hope that undertaking goes a little way to restoring the respect of the reader in question.