Friday, February 25, 2005

Silverlake on Celluloid!

Our old chum and photographer Dominic sent me the picture below taken at Warwick University when we (as Vivarama) supported The Lighthouse Family (very slick, very boring). The line up in the photo is what became Silverlake and while we have been very busy songwriting, we really need to get up under the stage lights again. The thought of humping guitar amplifiers around again doesn't appeal, but it would be an experience to take it out on the road - or at least round some nice pre-club bars, sipping cocktails and kicking out some electronic beats. Very sophisticated, no?

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Blog Embellishment

You may notice the natty new image behind my header and the new strap line. Beautiful, but not an easy process. Fortunately my erstwhile friend Bruce with his knowledge of CSS and my tinkering around in the template code for this blog eventually got it looking how I wanted it. Finally, a triumph of style over content!